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About Us

Sticky Pixel is a digital design agency relentless in the pursuit of creating beautiful, effortless experiences that drive the real-world growth of our clients’ businesses. We specialise in web design & development, front-end engineering and digital marketing activities from our base near Nice on the French Riviera.

We pride ourselves on being very customer-centric and we spend time with you to ask the right questions about who you are, what you’re trying to achieve and how your current online activities are performing. Then we put together a solution that address those aspirations, combining what you need to say, who you want to say it to and how you will say it.


Digital Design and Development

Our core business is building the things you see; the look, feel and interaction of your website or application. We use the latest HTML, CSS and Javascript technologies and naturally our work looks delicious on all devices.

  • Web design and development (HTML, CSS, Javascript)
  • Responsive development
  • Front-end engineering
  • User experience and interaction
  • Ecommerce

Digital Marketing

We care about our client’s stories and we go out of our way to ensure they are told in the most compelling way. We are big believers of using inbound marketing strategies and amazing content to drive traffic your way. Whether you need to generate more leads, increase your brand recognition or convert more prospects we’ll have some ideas that we think you’ll love.

  • Visual and graphic design
  • Branding and identity design
  • Digital and physical style guides
  • Digital marketing (not just ppc!)
  • Online content strategy
  • User scenarios and persona development

When we need them, we can count on a small network of trusted specialists; copywriters, back-end developers and programmers who extend our services and our expertise.

Our Team

Chris Sargent

Chris Sargent

Joint founder and our Digital Director, Chris is responsible for the development and operations of the business. With a background in Technology and Business Development, Chris has not only the expertise to successfully build your digital project, but also a keen understanding of what is most important for our customers.

Chris' passion for design and creativity comes primarily from years of writing and playing rock music but also 'coding' games from books on BBC Basic computers.

Jess Duguid

Jess Duguid

Joint founder and our Creative Director, Jess oversees all things design. With buckets of passion and brain bursting with ideas, Jess has the ability to synthesise your complex corporate objectives into unique, targeted design concept.

Jess believes she was born with a pencil in one hand and spent her formative years creating pieces of art underneath the family furniture.